Bill Powell
Federal Program Reviewer
Areas of Expertise: Triennial Review Program, Transit Performance Reviews, Transportation Planning, Transit Project Management, Transit Grant Development, Environmental Transit Studies, Maintenance and Service Plans, Project Development, Training Transit Teams

BS Business Administration, Auburn University, Auburn, AL
UC Berkeley Extension, Certificate Traffic Engineering
UC Irvine, CA, Environmental Impacts Certificate
Graduate School of City Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology

Mr. Powell has more than 27 years of experience in transit and transportation, including positions as a program manager, project manager and planner at public agencies including Georgia Regional Transportation Authority and the Federal Transit Administration.  He has conducted and participated in over 20 FTA Triennial Reviews including reviews at the City of Merced, Sacramento Transit, King County Transit, Turlock Transit, Georgia Regional, and Las Vegas/Clark County Transit.  From his start as an associate in the transportation planning department for the City of Los Angeles, progressively responsible roles include serving as transit project manager for Sacramento Rail, Regional Express, GA; Express Bus Project, CA; Las Vegas Resort Corridor; DASH/Central City, CA; Yosemite (YARTS), CA; DASH/Fairfax; Foothill Transit; Buckhead People Mover; and Turlock Short Range Transit, among others. He attends the FTA TR seminars each year to stay current.  He has demonstrated ability to identify risks in the management of public transit.  In addition, he has worked with community groups and responded to public inquiries on matters concerning comprehensive public transit with an ability to communicate to non-expert groups, individuals and stakeholders.  He provided training and direction to technical and administrative professionals such as TEAM training to the City of Gastonia.

Relevant Experience
Triennial Reviews
Mr. Powell has participated with triennial reviews assisting FTA with the Federal compliance of grant recipients, ranging from large multi-modal systems to small paratransit providers, for eight years.  Mr. Powell has prepared and represented several grantees in triennial reviews for 12 years with minimal findings, if any.  In this role, he conducts audits related to compliance with FTA and other governmental requirements. He identifies potential concerns, issues and risks and communicates these both orally and in writing with grantees and regional office staff. He works to identify the root causes of issues and presents solutions to identified concerns based on best practices and lessons learned.

Principal Manager, Transit Capital Support Services
Duties require extensive coordination, liaison, negotiation, and consultation with officials of a broad range of governmental agencies and the general public on behalf of the transit client at local, state, regional and federal levels.  Prepares and monitors all financial and technical reports related to contracted grant development, financial status and milestone status reports, NTD reporting, DBE/Title VI reports, and other industry-required documents of the US DOT, Federal Transit Administration.  Presents submission-ready final documents to each client along with correct guidance, instructions and recommendations to ensure full compliance with all Federal regulations.

Project Manager, Georgia Regional Transportation Authority
Duties required the preparation and monitoring of technical documents related to contracts including Federal grant development and reporting documents.  Prepared, negotiated and administered contract agreements with local districts, transit labor unions, operational land use impacts and technology. Also prepared State and Federal grant applications for project funding.  Researched and presented innovative practices related to ambient air quality standards, including compliance with all Federal regulations.  Presented recommendations and action items for orally and in writing for approval, including communication of complex issues to non-expert audiences.

Community Planner, Federal Transit Administration
Duties included the direct management and coordination of infrastructure enhancement projects for preliminary research documentation through final design and construction.  Developed quantitative standards and applied techniques to assess project effectiveness.  Conducted formal Federal certification interviews and prepared reports on comprehensive work programs and long range planning practices according to the U.S.C. 49 CFR and Equal Opportunity Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Researched and provided current guidelines to local and state government, service providers, and the general public on project specific environmental impacts and region-wide planning/mitigation efforts.  Directed and trained technical and clerical staffs on the establishment and maintenance of an efficient grant system including application, award, administration, and close-out.  Provided oversight towards the completion of Environmental Impact Reports/Statements (EIR/S), Environmental Assessments (EA), and Categorical Exclusions (CE) in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), 42 U.S.C 4332 and the Clean Air Act Amendment (CAAA) as appropriate.

Principal Planner, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)
Provided the development, implementation and maintenance of the Regional Long Range Plan, the Transportation Improvement Program, and other federal funded special-area study projects.  Provided direction and training to project study teams, coordinated advisory and steering committees, and presented project information to elected officials, community groups and governmental agencies regarding the planned projects in the City of Atlanta.  Duties also required the preparation of project objectives, work scopes, implementation strategies, funding source identification, and project impact assessment of environmental control measures as mandated by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), 42 U.S.C. 4332 and the National Historic Preservation Act, 106.  Also computed of VOC emissions for highway and major arterial projects, and participated in 1996 Summer Olympic pedestrian, bridge and infrastructure projects within the City of Atlanta.

Transportation Planning Associate, City of Los Angeles
Duties included the implementation an administration of the City’s comprehensive public transit and ridesharing programs. Duties required monitoring and interpreting assigned projects to ensure proper service levels and adherence to program budget according to contracts.  Other responsibilities included responding to public inquiries, consulting community groups with special transportation needs, drafting requests for proposals, and preparing budgets, service schedules, contracts and legislative responses.

Employment History
Principal Manager, Transit Capital Support Services (May 2003- Present)
Program Manager, Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (2001-2003
Community Planner, Federal Transit Administration, San Francisco (1995-2001)
Principal Planner, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) (1992-1994)
Transportation Planning Associate, City of Los Angeles (1988-1992)

Projects – Project Manager for following transit projects:
Transit Projects                                            Investment Amount
Sacramento Rail (construction)                    $222 Million (FFGA)
Regional Express (GA)                                    $21.7 Million
Express Bus Project (CA)                                $9.5 Million
Las Vegas Resort Corridor                             $8.4 Million
DASH/Central City (CA)                                   $1.6 Million
Yosemite (YARTS)                                             $500,000
DASH/Fairfax                                                    $500,000
Foothill Transit                                                 $300,000
Buckhead People Mover Study                     $100,000
Turlock Short Range Transit Study               $100,000

Urban Area Formula                                    Federal Apportionment
Atlanta, GA (GA Regional)                             $12.7 Million
Las Vegas, NV                                                 $12.1 Million
Sacramento, CA                                             $11.9 Million
Visalia Modal Facility                                     $8.4 Million
Fresno, CA                                                       $4.7 Million
Stanislaus, CA                                                 $3.2 Million
Bakersfield, CA                                               $3.1 Million
Reno, NV                                                         $3 Million
Turlock, CA                                                      $2 Million
Hanford, CA                                                    $2 Million
Hattiesburg, MS                                             $911,005
Tulare, CA                                                       $833,870
Merced, CA                                                     $747,162

Paratransit Projects                         Investment Amount
MTA Pass Buydown                                       $7 Million
Crenshaw Community                                   $400,000
Greater Watts Community                            $400,000
Transit Related Reports                   Activity Amount
Transit Marketing                                           $6.5 Million
Olympic Plan- General Aviation                   $100,000
Public Involvement Development               $80,000
Olympic Transit Participation                      $73,000
National Transit Database                           $55,000
Short-Range Transit Plan                             $68,000
GIS Network Development                          $48,000
Transit Emergency Response                      $35,000
Emission Control Assessment                     $18,000