Transparency is the foundation of political accountability. Taxpayers have the right to know where their tax dollars are being spent and should have access to the information.  Likewise, all public servants (elected and non-elected) should be held accountable for the decisions made and funds squandered.   Our City Officials continually overlook available Federal dollars for projects, opting instead to increase local taxes and further bond issuances.  As an Ormewood Park homeowner since 2001, I will seek every available opportunity to access Federal funds, providing an outstanding return for your local tax dollars.

With more than 27 years’ working with government funded municipal projects. I put in long hours and hard work, and built a strong reputation with the Federal government delivering projects in excess of $300 Million Dollars to cities across the country (see list on resume). Working with the Atlanta Regional Commission, I planned and delivered the 1996 Summer Olympic Aviation Plan.  Continuing contract work with GDOT, I have delivered several projects for the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority.
I want to bring my knowledge and experience with municipal development projects to District 1.